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Aus dem Genre Chor (Chormusik)

Cover Anthracite Fields
29.09.17 / CD
Cover Victoria Musicae/ Gil-Tarrega,Josep R.
Corpus Christi-Music For Octave Of Corpus Christi
03.11.17 / CD
Cover Fingerlos,Rafael/ El Mouissi,Sascha
Stille und Nacht
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Hillier,Paul/ Theatre of Voices
In Dulci Jubilo
27.10.17 / SACD Hybrid
Cover The Hilliard Ensemble,Collegium Vocale and Paul G
Trans Limen ad Lumen
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Chudak,Andrea/ Celloduo Tolkar
Hüte dich,bleib wach und munter!
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Sistine Chapel Choir/ Palombella,Massimo
Veni Domine: Christmas At The Sistine Chapel
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Banse,Juliane/ Weigle,Sebastian/ MRO
Im Arm der Liebe
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Nordic Voices
The Bee Madrigals
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Arman/ Münchner Rundfunkorchester/ Chor des BR
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Sollazzo Ensemble
Parle Qui Veut
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Various
The Discovery Recitals
27.10.17 / CD
Cover Agnew,Paul/ Les Arts Florissants
Madrigals: Mantova,Cremona,Venezia
13.10.17 / CD
Cover Meister,Cornelius/ ORF RSO Wien
Die Sinfonien
13.10.17 / CD
Cover von Otter,Anne Sofie/ Lintu,Hannu/ Finnish RSO
Tapiola/En Saga/Eight Songs
13.10.17 / SACD Hybrid
Cover Bumbry,Grace/ Glass,Beaumont
Bumbry/Glass: Brahms-Lieder
13.10.17 / CD
Cover Wunderlich,Fritz
Klassische Arien
13.10.17 / CD
Cover Creed,Marcus/ SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart
13.10.17 / CD
Cover Skovhus,Bo/ Vladar,Stefan
13.10.17 / CD
Cover Dutch National Opera & Netherlands
Der Rosenkavalier
06.10.17 / SACD Hybrid
Cover Boden/ Walker/ Cohen/ Arcangelo
An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell/+
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Dean,Dan
Songs Without Words
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Darbellay,Olivier
A Matter Of Heart
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Janowitz,Gundula
The Last Recital-In Memoriam Maria Callas
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Beenhouwer,Peter
Ich Trage Meine Minne-Songs By Richard Strauss
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Musica Ficta
Aves,Flores Y Estrellas
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Fujiki,Daichi
All That The Man Left Behind When He Died
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Schumacher,Jan/ Camerata Musica Limburg
Wehmut-Werke für Männerchor Vol.3
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Schachtner,B./ Wolf,A./ Rattinger,J./ Küppers,A.
Clear or Cloudy-Lieder
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Montvidas/ Gens/ Schirmer/ Chor des Bayer.Rundf./ +
Dante (2 CD+Buch)
06.10.17 / CD
Cover Dougan,Eamonn/ The Sixteen
Benedictio et Claritas/Deus,in nomine tuo/+
06.10.17 / CD
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